"Nikolai cannot die! Hey, that rhymes!"
―Nikolai in Kino der Toten

Nikolai Belinski (Russian: Николай Белинский) was a Red Army soldier who fought in World War I and World War II, and is part of the main protagonist team known as the originals. His player indicator color is blue (shared with Robert McNamara and Robert Englund) but is randomized in Moon and all subsequent maps.

Although Nikolai appears in most Call of Duty: World at War andCall of Duty: Black Ops maps, after moon an alternate version of himself appears in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II zombies mapOrigins, and reappears again in the Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIversion of Der Riese in The Giant and Der Eisendrache.

Biography Edit

"Stalin himself cannot stare Nikolai in the eye, no one can. There, in his eyes, you will see the soul of a man burning with the hatred of all things living. His closet is full of skeletons, many of them with the flesh still attached.

Early in his career, Nikolai had quickly made his way up through the party ranks by killing the next man in line, and by marrying politically. Ultimately, his aspirations all came crashing down after his fifth wife mysteriously died while cleaning his axe with her neck. Little did he know that she had been sleeping with a high ranking party official on the side. This made Nikolai infamous, and his reputation spread quickly through the party. It was not long before Stalin himself had heard about Nikolai. More importantly, he feared Nikolai. As soon as the war started, our hero was dropped on the front lines and forgotten about, where he wallowed in self pity and vodka for several years.

There are many weapons in his arsenal, not least of which is his breath."

— Nikolai's biography added with Map pack 2 in Call of Duty

"Father's home time for a beating. "
―Nikolai quoting his abuse as a child.

Nikolai Belinski was born some time during the late 1800s to the early 1900s to his abusive father and his mother in the Russian Empire. Among his family household is his sister, who he shares a disdain for and a brother who is homeless and broke. Nothing else is known about his early life yet. Though, based on some of his quotes, Nikolai had a poor livelihood through many years of his life.

Political/Military life Edit

"I killed a bear once... she was my first wife."
―Nikolai Quoting his wife's homicide.

Political Career and Marriages Edit

Some time possibly during his young adult life, he became interested in climbing the political ranks in the Communist party. Nikolai uses murder and political marriage to promote his position in the rankings. It is unknown why he chooses this method, but it may be due to his abusive and poor upbringing that lead him to do so. Whether politically or passionately, Nikolai married his first wife, who he describes as a "bear" (possibly implying she's overweight or her aggressiveness). This wife was later killed by him with a shotgun because of her resemblance to him.

As he ages, his marriage and murdering spree continues throughout his career as he kills his second wife with a PPSh-41 or a PTRS-41 and his third wife with a sickle. Afterwards he met another woman, who became his fourth wife. Nikolai seemed to love her the most out of all his wives and she may be the only wife he loved because he talks about her constantly. Later this love turned to be hatred, when she took his money and ran away, but this was short lived as he hunted her down and beaten her to death. According his quote in moon and his constant mention of her, he may regret killing her by stating he misses her.

Although he covered his wives murders very well, his schemes begin to become his downfall when he married his fifth wife. He successfully kills her with his ax, but he did not conceal this murder very well unfortunately for him. Unbeknownst to Nikolai, she had an affair with a high ranking official. The murders he committed spread through the party and this entitled him to become infamous. Joseph Stalin soon became aware of his schemes and he feared Nikolai would conspire against him. Once the war started, Nikolai was removed by the wishes Stalin to be forgotten about. From this point on, he wallows himself in pity and comforts himself in vodka for several years.

Though he continues to marry, there is no mentioning of him killing his subsequent four wives. Thus, it is possible that his fifth wife murder became a lesson for the soviet, however, he continues to boast about killing his wives.

Military life Edit

It is evident that Nikolai enlisted in the Red Army during World War I, while trying to climb the political rankings. This can be due to his experience in the battlefield and him having strong survival instinct. Not much is known about his early military life. However, by the time of World War II he became a Sergeant of the Russian army.

Other info Edit

Between the wars, Nikolai worked as a carpenter and owned/lived on a pig farm. In addition, Nikolai during one of his marriages, he fathered a daughter. 


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